let's make something



Have Caroline walk through your home and offer suggestions to improve the aesthetics of your home.

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Let Caroline redesign your home with the furniture and art pieces you already have on hand.


Let Caroline work her full magic and transform your home into a dream space, working within your budget.

your home should be about you.

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your home.

Your home should reflect you and your style, not someone else (namely, a designer). Designers, like Caroline, are here to help you curate your personal style that fits the way you live.


Design should be about comfort and function, and how you want to use each space that you have. Feather your nest, add something unexpected, and don't be afraid to layer.


Interior Design is a kind of art, and as such, art is an important element. Caroline grew up in a family of artists and she is inspired by colors, textures, and mixed textiles and materials.

caroline bower lawrence design services.

Design Consultation

Need a little help pulling your room together? Having anxiety over what color to paint your living room or master? Getting ready to sell your home and need help getting it staged properly?  We can help you create something beautiful. Use the experience and knowledge of interior designer Caroline Bower Lawrence in this concise service package:

  • Two (2) Full Hours of Consultation and Design Development. We will discuss paint selections, room arrangement, lighting, window covering ideas. You will know where to splurge and where to save.

  • Follow Up Analysis email outlining and summarizing the consultation with plan of action and next steps.

  • Online Resource Guide that contains custom-made suggestions regarding furniture & furnishings with direct links and pricing that fits your budget.

  • Two Hours, Follow-Up, and Guide Total Cost: 200/package. Running on a tighter budget? No problem. Services can be scaled to fit your needs and I’m happy to discuss what that looks like hen we meet.

Full-Service Design

This full-service design plan is tailored to each client and each unique project, with your budget in mind.  We will work in tandem to curate your perfect space. After talking specifics, I provide and carry out a comprehensive recommended design plan which includes the following:

  • Budgeting Guidance. We will work together to determine what you want to spend and where maximize your dollars.

  • Color Consultation. Select color schemes that turn up the drama or charm in your home. Let’s make it your own.

  • Room Layout & Design. Work on placement for furniture to perfect flow for entertaining or relaxing.

  • Fabric, Furniture, & Accessories. Guidance in purchasing the right items to complete your interiors. Let me do the leg work.

  • Window Treatment. I will help design custom or semi-custom window treatments to add sparkle to your space.

  • Art Consultation. Whether you are a novice or investor, we will create spaces with interesting walls. Let’s add some character to your project.

  • Cost. I charge an hourly fee for my services, which typically starts at 75 an hour. Running on a tighter budget? No problem. Services can be scaled to fit your needs and I am happy to discuss what that looks like when we meet. 

+ Are you renovating or currently working on a new build home?  I can help you re-imagine your existing space into something new—together we will select the perfect finishes to make your home exactly what you want it to be. A renovation or new build consult is completely tailored to meet the needs of your project, to include consultations on flooring & tile selections, priorities, timelines, budgets, and more. Caroline has experience working with builders in Craftsman-style homes, bungalows, double-galley homes, modern remodels, and more.