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A Little About Caroline...

Interior Design is a second career for me. I started my career in retail working as a buyer, divisional merchandiser for fortune 500 companies which took me all over the world and I loved it. But after 20 years I decided it was time for change. I've always loved fashion, design, interiors, art, and fell in love with textiles as a merchant, so interior design felt very natural. I decided to expand my education and pursued classes in design.  
I don't define style as any one  singular element: I like a balance of mixing high with low, traditional with modern and old with new. I like a juxtaposition of mixing different elements and periods together and finding that common thread that blends it all together.
But your home isn't about what someone else likes, it's about what YOU like.  It's our job as designers to execute your vision of your perfect spaces. We should  make rooms timeless,  comfortable, and functional that fit the way you live.  

Don't worry if you don't know what you want.  That's what I'm here for, to help you define and create your perfect palette and style.

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Caroline owns and curates UncommonStyle&Design, a digital magazine that discusses the latest design trends, fashion, and lifestyle news.

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